Adding a Greentech Fuel Saver in the car, saving up to 15% of fuel.

Greentech Ethiopia, which is considered to be the birthplace of some of the world’s best coffee beans, is now introducing a low emission technology for vehicles. Greentech introduced its low emission technology in Ethiopia since it is deemed as the Silicon Valley of Africa.
 However, Greentech Ethiopia has expansion plans for its low emission technology and it aims to introduce the technology into every country that is a member of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU). It has always been our dream at Greentech to develop a technology that will reduce pollution and help save the environment, and we are finally turning it into a reality! Greentech Ethiopia is operated by Mr. Tadele, the CEO of a coffee bean trading company, who also happens to care deeply about the environment. He emphasized the importance of reducing the carbon print on various occasions. “African countries have weak or no regulations governing the quality and safety of vehicles. It is not mandatory for vehicles to pass an emissions test the majority of African countries”, said Mr. Tadele. “No African country requires a vehicle to pass annual in-service emissions tests. Only 41% and 25% of vehicles passed the Rwanda and Ghana emission tests respectively. So, I think introducing Greentech’s low emission technology in my hometown is the best way to solve the problem”, he further added. Not only for the purpose of testing approval, Greentech’s technology has also been fitted to Addis Ababa’s city buses and Shegar coaches. Saving up to 8% of fuel cost and witnessing the benefits claimed by the Ethiopian authorities, gave us a boost to move into this trade. Ethiopia 🇪🇹, is just the first step of Greentech in Africa! Our goal is to expand Greentech in all African countries! If you are interested in knowing more about Greentech Products, contact us on the following information: #greentech #greentechfuelsaver #fuelsaver #fuelsavingdevice #Ethiopia #Vietnam #India #Rwanda