Greentech Fuel Saving Device’s Test Run- India_Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

Test Run by Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

Greentech, a company that makes fuel-saving devices, conducted a trial run with a large bus company in India and found that the results were great. Greentech found that the fuel consumption was about 8% lesser than usual without having any long-term effects on engine health because of the completion of the combustion cycle in the vehicle. The world is moving towards a greener future, and the race for more fuel-efficient engines is highly competitive. Greentech comes as an easy method to reduce fuel consumption.

The fuel-saving device includes the Greentech Molecule Enhancer and the Greentech Air Refining Device. The Molecule Enhancer works by breaking down large groups of molecules into smaller ones resulting in reduced surface tension leading to smaller fuel droplets that combust more efficiently, which in turn achieves lower fuel consumption. At the same time, the Air Refining Device purifies the air that the engine takes in and increases oxygen by eliminating pollutants leading to a more efficient combustion reaction.

According to regulations in the United States, the fuel-saving technology doesn’t void the warranty of the vehicle since it isn’t a vehicle modification. In fact, the Greentech Fuel Saving Device will reduce everyday maintenance costs by enhancing the life of consumables such as the Catalytic Converter, Spark Plugs, and Engine Oil, reducing the frequency of changing them.

The Greentech Fuel Saving device has a life of a minimum of 10 years, but it can be much more. The system can be utilized in more recent vehicle models as well; however, the results may not be as promising as they are in older models due to updated engines that are already very efficient. Greentech works best on engines utilizing older technologies. Users may start noticing a difference in emissions and fuel consumption as quickly as 30 minutes into installing the device; however, this depends on other factors as well, such as the age of the engine, weather, etc.

Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation

The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation noticed the results of Greentech Fuel Saving devices and found that in 4 months, from December 2020 to March 2021, the average fuel consumption in the buses fitted with the device reduced. If the technology is employed at a large scale, it could lead to massive savings in fuel costs for companies that opt to deploy these devices on their fleets. The KSRTC noticed fuel savings of around 8%, which may not sound like much, but the fuel costs can be a lot for a large fleet. In terms of scale, the savings can be phenomenal.


In today’s world, the search for environmentally friendly means of transport is all the rage. Greentech is capable of reducing vehicle exhaust emissions by up to 80%. The devices are available for all types of fuel-powered engines, including generators, motorcycles, cars, and even lawnmowers. The device comes as a blessing for users who own old and inefficient vehicles and are looking to reduce their fuel costs while also improving emissions, maintenance costs, and engine life.

Greentech offers an entire line of problem-solving, performance-enhancing, nano-coating, and detail cleaning products for your engine, air filter system, and both car interior and exterior to reduce wear, increase power, decrease oil consumption, improve fuel mileage, and offer crystal-clear shine, water repellent antibacterial, deodorant functions for your car.

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