Which may lose engine power, be sluggish, and degrade fuel efficiency. Greentech will keep your engine in decent shape and reduce maintenance.
Greentech Fuel Saver helps to reduce tailpipe emissions, offer better fuel efficiency and keep the vehicle engine in decent shape.
Hazards of vehicle exhaust to human health and the environment. Greentech technology devices can significantly reduce exhaust emissions.
Greentech technology always keeps car engines in decent shape. The engine subs tantrically more fuel-efficient and powerful, less carbon build-up, lower emissions.
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The Greentech Fuel Saving Device applies cutting-edge ‘Molecule Enhancing Technology’ in your vehicle. This groundbreaking innovation has undergone rigorous testing and approvals for over 15 years, involving thousands of vehicles, and carries numerous reports by reputable organizations like TUV Rhineland Group, SGS, California CEE, and EPA & CARB certified labs in the United States.

The Greentech Fuel Saving Device is compatible with a wide range of applications, including generators, motorcycles, light and heavy vehicles, boats, boilers, and industrial factories using petrol, diesel, LPG, and CNG. It offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing fuel efficiency and minimizing emissions.

Reduces harmful exhaust
emissions up to 80%
Save up to 30%
on Gasoline / Petrol
horsepower & torque
Easy and simple
grentech fuel saver
Removes the engines
carbon build up
Save up to 25%
on Diesel
Keep engine
in good shape
Lasts for
over 10 year

Reduces harmful exhaust emissions by up to 96%
Save up to 30% on Petrol and Diesel
Save up to 20% on LPG, LNG, and PNG




Q1: How does it work?

A1: The GREENTECH device captures thermal energy from its surroundings and emits it at a wavelength that disrupts the forces between fuel molecules. This transforms clustered fuel into singular molecules, altering properties like surface tension and flash point. The device releases smaller fuel droplets, enhancing combustion efficiency, reducing waste, and lowering emissions. This leads to improved fuel efficiency and increased horsepower.

For details, watch our video and explore more

Q2: How is it installed on a vehicle?

A2: Installing the device on motorcycles and heavy-duty trucks is straightforward. Simply insert it into the fuel tank through the tank filler hole. For light vehicles, the procedure differs slightly. You can install the device through the fuel pump access panel or by lifting the vehicle to access the connection point between the tank and hoses.

For a visual guide to the installation process,
please refer to our video tutorial

Q3: Is Greentech certified with the car manufacturer?

A3: No, the Greentech fuel saver is an aftermarket product. It is produced by a factory in Taiwan that holds ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 certifications, ensuring high manufacturing standards.

Q4: Will Greentech Fuel Saving Device void my vehicle warranty?

A4: No, installing the Greentech Fuel Saver won’t affect your vehicle warranty. It’s recognized by the State of California Air Resources Board and the U.S. EPA as not requiring registration as a fuel additive. According to U.S. federal law, under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, 15 U.S.C. § 2302(c), warranty coverage cannot be denied solely due to the installation of the Greentech Fuel Saver. Our device is not considered a vehicle modification, ensuring your warranty remains intact.

Q5: What is the cost?

A5: For detailed pricing information, kindly explore our Greentech online shop

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or wholesaler of Greentech products, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through this link:

Q6: How long will the device last?

A6: The Greentech device is designed to last over 10 years, a durability proven over the past 14 years. Utilizing Molecule Enhance Technology, relies on physical phenomena rather than chemical reactions, ensuring no materials are consumed during operation. Its purely physical nature guarantees longevity well beyond 10 years.

Q7: Will the Greentech Fuel Saver be effective in my new car as well?

A7: Yes, the Greentech Fuel Saver is effective in new cars. It proactively mitigates

Q8: Where is the device manufactured?

A8: The Greentech product is manufactured by Moletech International Technology

Q9: Can you share the road test results?

A9: Certainly! 

We conducted road tests following SAE J1321 standards. Check the results here:TÜV Rheinland、SGSFor more reports, including EPA FTP-75, government outsourced, university tests, or trials, visit: These offer detailed insights into our product’s performance.

Q10: Can I double my savings by installing another Greentech Fuel Saving Device?

A10: No, the fuel-saving percentage remains consistent, regardless of the number of Greentech Fuel Saving Devices installed. Adding another unit primarily reduces the time for the molecular reaction, e.g., from 30 to 20 minutes.

Q11: Can I use the Petrol model on diesel vehicles or the Diesel model on gasoline vehicles?

A11: No, it’s not recommended. Each model is designed for its fuel type—Diesel for diesel fuel, Petrol for gasoline, and LPG for LPG/ CNG. Using the wrong model won’t yield optimal results due to differences in molecular reactions.

Q12: What will happen if we choose not to install the Greentech Air Refining Device into the air intake?

A12: Choosing not to install the Greentech Air Refining Device means missing out on enhanced oxygen intake and purified air. The device effectively elevates oxygen levels by neutralizing airborne pollutants, offering improved air quality and associated well-being benefits.

Q13: Do I need to adjust my fuel system?

A13: No. You should not have to make any adjustments to see the improvement as long as the engine is well-tuned before installation. In vehicles that do not have computer control of the idle speed, the idle can increase by as much as 500 RPM. If this occurs, consult your mechanic to lower idle speed for optimal fuel savings, especially in traffic.

Q14: Can I notice an improvement right away?

A14: Yes, users often notice enhanced performance within 30 minutes after installation, with immediate emission reduction during smog checks. For older vehicles, achieving optimal fuel savings may take a few thousand kilometers of high-speed driving. The timeline depends on factors like engine condition and carbon build-up, potentially influencing the reaction time of the fuel saver.

Q15: Could this device potentially cause a fire in the engine?

A15: No, the Greentech device is free of chemicals or flammable materials. facilitate the transformation of fuel molecule aggregation from clustered forms to single molecules, thereby promoting a more thorough combustion of fuel. Since 2009, it has had a clean safety record with no reported engine fire incidents, prioritizing safety and delivering trouble-free operations worldwide.

Q16: If the fuel saver is effective, why don't car manufacturers directly adopt it for new vehicles?

A16: Car manufacturers primarily specialize in mechanical engineering, lacking expertise in nanotechnology and molecular reactions. Implementing advanced technology involves complexities. Moletech initially positioned Greentech as an aftermarket solution due to limited access to decision-makers within car manufacturers. Rigorous testing, including EPA FTP-75 and SAE J1321, demonstrated consistent positive effects on fuel reduction, emission control, and horsepower enhancement, showcasing Greentech’s effectiveness despite industry barriers.

Q17: What certifications does this device hold?

A17: The Greentech device, with its unique design, doesn’t require specific certifications as an aftermarket product without chemicals, magnets, or electronics. The U.S. EPA and Air Resources Board acknowledge its exemption from fuel additive registration and VC 27156. Despite regulatory leniencies, Greentech voluntarily holds CE and RoHs certifications, ensuring quality and compliance. Manufactured in an ISO9001 and ISO14001-certified Taiwanese factory, the device adheres to high manufacturing standards.


Learn how GREENTECH can successfully adapt to a wide range of applications.