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Running out of gas again? Don’t worry! Now you can save gas using Greentech Technology!

Riding motorbikes these days is quite common as it is a quick and cost-effective way of commuting from one place to another. Motorbikes are almost a necessity for people who work in courier delivery services.

Vietnam has a huge market for cash on delivery payment model. People prefer to pay in cash upon receiving the product on their doorstep. Cash-on-delivery model is almost entirely dependent upon motorbikes, as riding a motorbike is one of the fastest ways of delivering products. It’s not only fast, but also an affordable and cost-effective method of delivery.

While opting to use a motorbike for delivery is a cost-effective delivery option, it incurs some fixed charges per delivery. The fixed cost includes the cost of gas and maintenance of the vehicle. Successful businesses understand the importance of cutting cost wherever they can. One simple yet effective way of reducing cost is installing Greentech technology on the vehicles used for delivery purposes.

GRAB corporation, which is a motorbike delivery service company, has a collection of 20 motorbikes – all of which use Greentech technology – have proved to be beneficial in terms of reducing the operational cost.

Saving money is not the only pro of installing Greentech technology, it also improves the horsepower of your bike, something that any bike rider would love to have.

So, let’s imagine that you have Greentech technology installed on your bike and you’re accelerating up a mountain/hill. What would your experience be like? Smooth, quiet, with improved horsepower and reduced gas emission. All of this while also saving your money! This is what we offer our customers through our Greentech’s advanced technology.

Sounds too good to be true?  I know it might make you feel like it is some sort of a “snake oil” product, but that’s definitely not the case. To verify our credibility and reliability, you can visit our website and see for yourself how Greentech technology is being used in cars in different parts of the world. The city bus of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia installed a Greentech Fuel Saver and saved 8% on diesel fuel. Similarly, the Indian National transportation bus benefits from the same technology.

Greentech technology has been designed for various purposes. For e.g., you can install it on the cooking gas pipe or help the Indian 3-wheeler auto rickshaw that can carry 3-4 passengers at a time and save up to 25% on the cost of gas.

Greentech’s installation is so simple, that you don’t have to read through several pages of the user manual to understand it. Even the bus drivers love it because of its simplicity and ease of use!


Greentech, go Green!

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