Which Model Should I Choose?

Greentech Fuel Saver offers fuel-saving solutions for various fuel types, including Gasoline/Petrol, Diesel, or LPG. Before making a purchase, kindly assess the suitable model for your vehicle by checking the fuel type and quantity in Liters/Gallons when filling the tank.


Fuel Tank Capacity Vs. Model No.

Greentech Fuel Enhancing System offers models suitable for different fuel tank capacities: 20 Liters/4.5 Gallons, 60 Liters/13.5 Gallons, 100 Liters/22.5 Gallons, and 500 liters/132 Gallons.


Customizing the combination of models for your specific fuel-saving engineering project is both welcomed and straightforward. For example, in a mining project with machines having diverse fuel tank capacities, you can calculate the required models as follows:


Machine A: Fuel Capacity 200 Liters – Use Model D21

Machine B: Fuel Capacity 20 Liters – Use Model Gball

Machine D: Fuel Capacity 60 Liters – Use Model G10A

Machine E: Fuel Capacity 500 Liters – Use Model D51

Machine F: Fuel Capacity 600 Liters – Use Model D51 + D10

Each set of fuel saver should remain in the tank for 30 minutes to complete the molecule reaction cycle. Some engineering projects may require additional fuel savers to accelerate and shorten the molecule reaction time. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

GBall/ Dball

Gball- Gasoline Fuel Saver for 20L

Capable of treating up to 20 Liters/4.5 Gallons per unit.

Gball is for Gasoline and Petrol fuel 

Dball is for Diesel fuel.

G10/ D10

save fuel G10

Capable of treating up to 100 Liters/22.5 Gallons per unit.

G10 is for Gasoline and Petrol fuel 

D10 is for Diesel fuel.


Capable of treating up to 60 Liters / 13.5 Gallons per unit.

G10A is designed for Gasoline/Petrol fuel.

Moletech Company welcomes custom-made orders for distributors with a minimum requirement of 2000 pieces.


engine in decent shape D21

Capable of treating up to 200 Liters / 45 Gallons per unit.

D21 is designed for Diesel fuel. 

D21 only uses in Diesel fuel.


reduce tailpipe emissions D51

Capable of treating up to 200 Liters / 45 Gallons per unit.

D51 is designed for Diesel fuel.

D51 only uses in Diesel fuel.


For LPG fuel savers, direct contact with LPG/PNG/LNG fuel is necessary. Proper installation requires a certified engineering specialist with a national standard license for LPG gas line installation, and a customized conduit may be required.



How to install?

Installing a Greentech Fuel Saver is a hassle-free task for professional mechanics, especially those equipped with a car lift machine for private four-door cars.

For vehicles like motorcycles, trucks, and buses, with easily accessible fuel tanks and no anti-siphon device, simply drop in the Greentech fuel saver from the tank filler, and you’re ready to start saving money.

Installation Video for Private cars